Hi dear Ponders and welcome to May's blog post. How are you? How's life? Here in the UK the days are a bit warmer and there is a lot more daylight. The sun rose today at 05.00 and it will set at 21.00 - a long day! the longest day in 2017 is 21st June when the sun will rise at 03.30 and set at 10.35 - wow!


Do you know what this is?! It is a sticky, dark brown food paste with a distinctive, powerful flavour, which is extremely salty. It's made from yeast extract and you can have it on toast.

Here in the UK Marmite is famous because people are either love it or hate it - there is no in between (people never say 'I think it's ok', for example). And so now we can call anything that people either love or hate 'Marmite'. Football is a good example - most people either love or hate football and few people just like it. So we say that 'football is like Marmite' and that means that people either 100% love or hate it! So if you hear British people talking about Marmite, chances are that they are talking about opinions and not food. Oh, and by the way, I love Marmite! :-D

Can you think of anything from your country or culture that is like Marmite?!

Spring is here!!

Hello dear Ponders and welcome to spring (well, at least it's spring here in north-west Europe!)

In case you've ever wondered, I (Dan) live here.

As you can see the town is called Scarborough, there are about 60,000 people here and, for the most part, I love it! It's a really pretty place, there's lots of space and fresh air and there's even a 12th century castle!

One of the downsides is the winters are cold, dark and long. Take a look at how many hours of sun we get from October to March - less than 4 hours a day :( 

So it's kind of dark a lot of the time and people can get a little depressed. But finally winter begins to fade away and is replaced by spring. For the first time in months we can feel the sun on our faces and there are flowers everywhere. Yay! :)

April is known for having lots of showers (short periods of rain) and so rainbows are common at this time of year.

With the sun out everyone is in a good mood and people are happy to be able to be outdoors once again. The winters here are long but it all seems worth it once we get to spring. As we say in English, 'If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain' (this means if you want something good then often you have to go through or deal with something bad first, in order to get it).

I hope you enjoyed this little look at where I live. Is the weather the same where you are? We'd love to hear from you - leave a comment below or even better, post about the weather in your country in the forum. Bye! Dan

Do you love looking at amazing photographs?!

Hi guys, hello, how are you?

I hope everything is good and that you're happy, healthy and making progress with your English :)

I stumbled across (found by accident) an amazing website full of incredible photographs and couldn't stop scrolling! Next to each photo is a brief description from the photographer explaining why they like the photo, so you get to look at some fantastic images and read about them and improve your English.

For free!

Here's the website (click on the image)

So start scrolling and when you find a picture that appeals to you, click on it and read the description from the photographer. You could record yourself reading the description aloud and listen back to yourself or make notes of any new vocabulary. There's an incredible 10 years of picture so you can hopefully find at least one that you like :) G

Get in touch and let us know which picture you like the best (one that I like is below this text), if you think the texts are difficult to understand or how you've been using them to improve your English.

We'd love to hear from you. Bye for now! Dan

My picture

I love the scale!!


March, already?!

Dan and I had a little chat after we recorded our live episode today for episode #38, and we both couldn't believe that the first week of March is already over.

We know it's cliche to say, but seriously time is FLYING BY!

In exciting news, we've set our date for March's live lesson to March 22! Mark your calendars because at 1:00pm EST(New York)/5:00pm GMT/UTC we are going live and teaching you some helpful English skills!

We're still taking votes on what you want to learn this month, and we've narrowed it down to 2 of the most requested topics: pronunciation and phrasal verbs.

Do you have a preference? What would you like to learn? Let us know know!

Speaking of phrasal verbs, we have a new bonus video coming this month all about phrasal verbs! It's phrasal verbs part 2, because Dan's first video was uploaded last month. Did you watch it? How have you used the new language?

The good news keeps coming in this update because right now, available for you is another bonus video all about American greetings! A lot of students ask me about how to answer questions like "how are you?" or "what's up", so I've made a special video just for you Ponders this week! I hope you enjoy's waiting for you in the "videos" section.

Well it's getting late and I must get myself to bed now. I hope you enjoy the resources we've got for you and I am wishing you a happy Tuesday (or Wednesday) wherever you are in the world :)

Happy February!

Hello! I'm writing THIS with the sun shining on my face and England is (maybe!) finally rising out of the doom and gloom of winter - yay! How are you? How is your English language journey going? Are you making progress?

So much happening here at English Across The Pond at the moment. We had our fantastic Valentine's episode and there's even a bonus video here in the members' area all about L O V E ! <3 have you checked it out? We also had our first ever guest on the show, Lindsay from All Ears English. She had lots of good ideas about how to take your language skills to the next level - we hope you enjoyed the show!!

And next week, we're going Live! Say what? Yes, that's right, from next week EATP is going to be broadcasting live on YouTube every Tuesday - wow! It's a big change for us but we wanted to make our episodes as authentic (real) as possible ...  and it doesn't get more real than LIVE, right?! So we really hope you can join us for that but if not we will be posting the live show as a  normal podcast every Friday, just as we always have. So you're not missing anything, only gaining - sounds good!

We're so happy to have you here as a member of EATP and please feel free to get in touch if you think we can help you - we love being a part of your English language journey!

I've been listening to the amazing Kate Bush this week so I'm going to leave you with a video. Her voice is A M A Z I N G ! I hope you enjoy it, Dan

Hello & welcome to the New Members' Area!

Hello our dear Ponders and welcome to this, the first news post exclusively for you, our members. This is the place where we'll be keeping you informed of everything that is going here at English Across The Pond, what we are working on now and what we have planned for the future. It seems unbelievable but we are coming to the end of the first month of 2017 already - how can time pass so quickly??

Have you had a good start to 2017? Are you keeping to the resolutions you made at the end of last year? We have been producing podcasts every week for over 6 months now - 32 episodes and in the next few weeks we are going to introduce our biggest ever change - and we thought we would let you know about it before anyone else! From the middle of February, we are going to be broadcasting our podcasts live.



Yes, live! :)


We'll tell you more about it next time but don't worry, we'll still be posting these live episodes as podcasts every Friday. What do you think about the new plan? Let us know in the forum or you can comment below this post.