Do you love looking at amazing photographs?!

Hi guys, hello, how are you?

I hope everything is good and that you're happy, healthy and making progress with your English :)

I stumbled across (found by accident) an amazing website full of incredible photographs and couldn't stop scrolling! Next to each photo is a brief description from the photographer explaining why they like the photo, so you get to look at some fantastic images and read about them and improve your English.

For free!

Here's the website (click on the image)

So start scrolling and when you find a picture that appeals to you, click on it and read the description from the photographer. You could record yourself reading the description aloud and listen back to yourself or make notes of any new vocabulary. There's an incredible 10 years of picture so you can hopefully find at least one that you like :) G

Get in touch and let us know which picture you like the best (one that I like is below this text), if you think the texts are difficult to understand or how you've been using them to improve your English.

We'd love to hear from you. Bye for now! Dan

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I love the scale!!