March, already?!

Dan and I had a little chat after we recorded our live episode today for episode #38, and we both couldn't believe that the first week of March is already over.

We know it's cliche to say, but seriously time is FLYING BY!

In exciting news, we've set our date for March's live lesson to March 22! Mark your calendars because at 1:00pm EST(New York)/5:00pm GMT/UTC we are going live and teaching you some helpful English skills!

We're still taking votes on what you want to learn this month, and we've narrowed it down to 2 of the most requested topics: pronunciation and phrasal verbs.

Do you have a preference? What would you like to learn? Let us know know!

Speaking of phrasal verbs, we have a new bonus video coming this month all about phrasal verbs! It's phrasal verbs part 2, because Dan's first video was uploaded last month. Did you watch it? How have you used the new language?

The good news keeps coming in this update because right now, available for you is another bonus video all about American greetings! A lot of students ask me about how to answer questions like "how are you?" or "what's up", so I've made a special video just for you Ponders this week! I hope you enjoy's waiting for you in the "videos" section.

Well it's getting late and I must get myself to bed now. I hope you enjoy the resources we've got for you and I am wishing you a happy Tuesday (or Wednesday) wherever you are in the world :)