115 - The Meaning of Life


Do you do what you do with intention? Have you ever thought about why you do the things you do? What is the meaning of life to you? Although these are pretty deep questions, we talk all about our meanings for life in this week's episode! Our episode will go into a common confusion between TO and FOR in our language focus, and members, you’ll be able to identify the meaning in your own life by the end of this week AND talk/write about it in English. Master the way to explain why you do what you do using relevant vocabulary and the prepositions “to” and “for” accurately.

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=== weekly study plan ===

The study plan makes sure you get the very best out of our podcasts by providing you with vocabulary, explanations and activities every week. Each study plan includes;

1 “Listening For…” Exercise

This is an active listening exercise, one that you can accomplish when you listen to the conversation and understand the vocabulary we are asking you to listen for.

2 Gap-Fill Exercise

In this activity, you write in the missing words from a part of the transcript text as you listen. 

3 Comprehension Questions

10 comprehension questions for you to answer based on our conversation. 

4 Vocabulary

All the language you need from this week’s episode to improve your vocabulary skills.

5 Language Focus:

Based on the language focus in the episode including extra practice.

6 Writing Prompt

Reply a question based on this week’s episode and we will correct it and give you advice.

7 Speaking Practice

You have the opportunity to improve your speaking by SPEAKING! Leave a spoken message related to the topic every week for us to give you feedback.

8 The Transcript

The transcript is an amazing learning resource. The combination of being able to both listen to and read what we say provides you with so many learning opportunities.

9 Answer Key

Don’t look here first before trying to do the exercises :)

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