Episode 18: Procrastination, 6 Tips to Bite the Bullet


In today’s episode Dan and Jennifer talk about a common problem we all face: procrastination. What is procrastination, how do we avoid it, and what are the tips for more success? Dan and Jen share their advice, especially for you, English learners!

With each of these tips, the episode guide will give you resources to help you out and become more productive. Are you ready to bite the bullet? Don’t forget about all the idioms we review today as well!

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Podcast Notes:

For more learning, including the full vocabulary list and definitions (from below), a more complete language focus explanation, and idiom example sentences, download this week's episode guide.

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Vocabulary Sample:

to get caught up/to catch up


to put something off

to psych someone out


Language Focus: 6 Tips to Stop Procrastinating

Are you ready to bite the bullet and stop procrastinating? Try these 5 tips!

- Eat the frog

- Make to-do lists

- Pomodoro Method

- Sleep on something

- A problem shared is a problem halved 

- Analyze what you’re procrastinating and make a change:


download the episode guide for more information about these tips, including books, links and additional resources! 

Idioms and Expressions

to get ahead of the game: to be well-prepared in advance and be ready for something before it starts

to burn the midnight oil: to work very late, into the late hours, on something

to get ahead of oneself: to be thinking or planning something that is so far in advance it’s impossible

to get a handle on something: to get control of something to be able to deal with it

start the ball rolling: to start something, to begin a task

bite the bullet: to start something, to do something one has been avoiding that is difficult/unpleasant

to drag one’s heels: to take a long time to do something/make a decision

to fall into place: to come together in the end successfully and as it should be


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