Episode 2: Small Talk about Hobbies and Free Time


In today’s episode listen to small talk and learn how to create and maintain a casual conversation in English! Dan and Jennifer chit-chat (have an informal conversation) about free time activities, hobbies, and friends. These topics are very common for small talk, so find out some common questions such as “What do you do in your free time?”, “Who do you hang out with?” and more.
Jennifer introduces some fluency tips, 2 ways to help you increase your speaking fluency and conversational abilities and Dan reviews 3 useful English expressions.

Use the information and what you’ve learned in this podcast and comment below! If you don’t use it, you lose it, so we can’t wait to hear from you!

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Podcast Notes:

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What is small talk?

Small talk is informal conversation about non-important topics. Generally this type of conversation happens with co-workers, acquaintances, and the beginning of chats with friends and family.

Fluency Tips:

Jennifer talked about 2 ways to increase your conversational fluency and general English skills.

→ Using synonyms to expand vocabulary: use a thesaurus (www.thesaurus.com) to increase your vocabulary when learning new words and phrases.

For example: free time → spare time, down time, for leisure, for fun, as a hobby, activities,

         things we do for fun

→ Using follow-up questions to maintain and create conversation: you can use the main topic of the conversation and add any question (who, what, where, when, how, why, what kind, etc..) following the answer to continue the topic. You can follow the same time tense structure:

For example: I went out last night.

          Follow-up question:  Who did you go out with?

You can see more examples of our follow-up questions above

Vocabulary Sample:



to dabble: 


Phrasal Verbs and Expressions:

to get on with/ to click with someone: instantly friends and have a very positive/friendly relationship with someone

to shoot the breeze: to have an informal talk or chat

to hang out with: to spend time with someone

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