Episode 27: Christmas


Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas time and Dan and Jennifer are sharing some of their favorite Christmas traditions, past experiences and memories, and Dan’s sharing some interesting information about his birthday and Boxing Day!

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, that’s OK! This episode will still be culturally educational for you, and help you with some conversation points this season.

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Podcast Notes:

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Vocabulary Sample:


jump into something:

Christmas crackers: 


to trim the tree:

Language Focus: Boxing Day

In the UK the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day. The reason it has this strange name is that back in the 1700s richer people gave boxes of gifts to their employees. Inside the box would be gifts, money and maybe leftover food from the day before. Nowadays Boxing day is more associated with shopping and post-Christmas sales but it is also an important day in the town where I live, Scarborough.

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Idioms and Expressions

scrooge: a mean or selfish person who does not give away money, or celebrate any holidays/special times

bah humbug: [interjection] used to express dislike or disgust for the Christmas/holiday season

stupid o’clock: exaggerated time meaning very late

to get the facts straight: to get the truth correct; to understand the real truth

put a foot wrong: [UK] to not make any mistakes

cover was blown: [passive form of to blow one’s cover] when the identity of someone is no longer secret or hidden; secret information is public

lo and behold: [interjection] expresses wonder or surprise


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