Episode 28: New Year


Jennifer and Dan are wrapping up 2016 talking all about resolutions, New Year’s traditions, and getting motivated for the new year. In this episode you’ll hear some typical activities that happen on New Year’s Eve, including some interesting stories from our childhood.

The episode is also full of vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and idioms for you to review. Get the information you need to start conversations about the new year and be motivated to take your skills to the next level!

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Podcast Notes:

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Vocabulary Sample:

to be pumped:




to stick to something:

Language Focus: New Year's Traditions

Many people, including many families, celebrate the new year in various ways depending on several factors. Even Dan and Jen celebrated differently, and hadn’t really been exposed to the ‘culture’ the other experienced in their young days.

Jen talked about the US tradition, and watching the ball drop in Times Square, and something she and her family did together. Dan’s tradition was to bring luck in the new year, and had him climbing stairs to throw coins out the window. Find out more below.

download the episode guide for more information about Jen and Dan's traditions, as well as things done across the world! 

Idioms and Expressions

“I’ve got a funny feeling”: used to say that you think something is true about the future; intuition about something

what do you reckon: used to ask what someone thinks

two peas in a pod: two people are very similar

walk into (something) blindly: to enter a situation without knowing any details or information about it

the devil is in the detail: the details of something/situation are the most problematic


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