Episode 29: Changes


Welcome to a new year! In this episode, we talk all about “ch ch ch changes…” (David Bowie anyone?) Changes can be scary; however, they can be a great thing and we share our opinions about it all.

We also share with you exciting new information about our website, new learning opportunities, and ways to learn even more with English Across the Pond. This episode is FULL of new idioms, expressions, and phrases too - so don’t miss the extra special language focus.

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Podcast Notes:

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Vocabulary Sample:

to keep something up

to steer clear

to embrace something

stubborn as a mule

to be over something



Language Focus: Expressions, Idioms, & Quotes related to change

All of these quotes are related to change, embracing new opportunities or making a difference

to open a new door: to provide new opportunities

to see things in a different light: to change the way you look at and understand something; to look at something with a different perspective/view

a change is as good as a rest: doing something new is as good as resting; a change can provide as much benefit as rest/relaxation

to change with the times: to keep current with new changes and developments

a fork in the road: a point in your life where 2 (or more) options are available and a decision must be made

when one door closes another one opens: when one situation/life/thing ends, this end can create a new opportunity

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get where you’ve always gotten” - Tony Robbins

This quote means that if you do the same things you have done in the past then you will not move forward, or achieve anything different. In order to see progress and change, you must do something new or different.


Idioms and Expressions

to do something at the drop of a hat: to do something spontaneously or without thinking too much

to get/be stuck/set in one’s ways: to do something in the same way that you’ve always done (to not change one’s way of behaving or thinking)

to have a word with someone: to speak with someone (often privately)

to look on the bright side of life: to look at the good or the positive things in life, rather than the bad

to push someone’s buttons: to behave in a way that deliberately annoys someone; to do something that purposely bothers someone

to be infected with the travel bug: to get the very strong desire to travel

to be at a loose end: to have nothing to do

one thing rolls into another: one things causes or immediately leads to something else


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