Episode 3: Travel Talk


Today Dan and Jennifer talk all about travel, something that we love and know so many of our listeners are passionate about as well. Episode 3 invites you on some of our best travel experiences, our favorite countries and cities, and will teach you helpful vocabulary and phrasal verbs related to travel.

We would love to hear from you about this episode, including if you’ve traveled to some of the same places we have. We encourage you to use some of the new vocabulary you learned and write your answers to our conversation questions below on this blog.

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Podcast Notes:

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Vocabulary Sample:



To be cut short: 

To kick (someone) out: 


Expressions with TAKE:

To take a road trip: traveling along roads (in a car/van/RV, etc..) for a vacation

*to go on a road trip is also used and acceptable

To take guts/courage: to require bravery and courage

To take a look at (something) -- to focus your attention on something intentionally

Phrasal Verbs:

Check in- to arrive at a hotel and register with your name, make payments, get keys, etc.

Check out - to leave the hotel

Hop on/off- to get on/off a bus, subway, train (to step onto the platform to travel)

Hop in/out- to get in/out of a car or taxi  (to climb into the vehicle to travel)

Language Focus: More Information about THE GAP YEAR:

It does not exist in the US, so Jen asked Dan, “Can you tell us about the Gap year?”

Because students start University around 18 years old and complete their degree in 3 years, it’s common to take 1 year out in order to travel around the world. Young British students often travel to South America (to help with charities) or Southeast Asia, and often work in Australia.

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