Episode 31: Health and Sickness


In this episode, you’ll hear all about sickness, health and everyday vocabulary that will help you talk about these things. Learn how Jen and Dan stay healthy, their tips for optimal (*best*) health, and review common symptoms you may need to use in your English conversations.

The language focus reviews helpful words for this topic, and this week is full of new English expressions and idioms!


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Podcast Notes:

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Vocabulary Sample:

on the regular:

to cut back:

to swear by something:

to knock something out of someone:


steer clear:


Language Focus: Health and Sickness Vocabulary

If you to lead a (healthy) life, then you go through life in a healthy way. ((*Note: the adjective healthy, can change, and be replaced with another adjective to change the phrase*))

A bug is commonly referred to as an illness, and the flu and cold are common illnesses that people deal with every year. These are usually only minor ailments (*not serious illnesses*); however, the flu has been known to cause death.


English Expressions & Idioms

“my French”: used to refer to bad language or curse words

to live on the edge: to live life in a crazy way, often taking risks

long are the days: an expression meaning that something hasn’t happened in a long time

out of the blue: unexpectedly or suddenly without warning

touch wood (UK) /knock on wood (US): used (along with physically touching wood) as a way to prevent bad luck after saying something good/positive

under the weather: sick; not feeling well

hit someone like a ton of bricks: to affect someone very suddenly and in a very strong way

healthy as a horse: very healthy

strong as on ox: very strong


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