Episode 42:Stereotypes

This week is all about stereotypes! First of all, you’ll find out exactly what a stereotype is, why they can be both useful and potentially dangerous as well as hearing about some the main American and English ones. In addition the language focus this week is all about some of the language differences between British and American English.


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Podcast Notes:

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Controversial - something people don’t normally agree on and so likely to cause disagreement

Oversimplified -

A pit-bull - 

Brash - 

Crude - 

Gloomy - 

A prude - 

To digress - 

Posh - 

Crumpets - 

Drastically -

Banter -

Utilise - 

Language Focus: American & British English Difference: 

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Collective Nouns

In US English, collective nouns (e.g. family, team) are always singular:

‘Her family is spending the weekend in France so she’s home alone’

In British English, collective nouns can be both singular or plural, depending on the focus:

‘The soccer team haven’t been successful lately and so it is in debt’ (the team and club as a whole)

‘The team played really well today - they were great’ (the team as in the 11 players)

English Expressions:

To catch a break - To obtain or receive a convenient, beneficial, and/or lucky opportunity

In your face -

Volume turned up to 11 -

Get off the beaten track -

Out of the blue - 

Outside of the norm - 

To jot down - 

Kudos to you! - 

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