Episode 47: Art

This week we are chatting all about … art! Find out about the kinds of art we like (not just paintings and pictures) and whether or not we consider ourselves good at it. We’re also asking you to send in your artistic masterpieces so get creative dear listeners! The language focus this week is all about one of the more challenging tenses in English - the present perfect. We’re going to discuss different ways you can think about this tense to help you understand it more clearly so make sure you keep listening right until the end of the podcast.

We hope you enjoy the episode :)

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Vocabulary: (read all of the definitions in the episode guide)

form of art - type / kind / medium / genre of art

deep - meaningful, profound

useless at - 

vivid - 

jostling - 

selfies - 

vast - 

on the regular - 

rundown -  

multitasking - 

Language Focus: The Present Perfect (full explanation in the episode guide!)

Two examples of the present perfect from this week’s chat are;

‘Have you ever visited an art gallery?’ & ‘Have you bought a piece of art?’

The present perfect can be confusing as the time period it represents is somewhat abstract or difficult to understand - unfinished time.


English Expressions (complete in the episode guide!)

flavour of the week / month - 

to hang out with - 

well jel - 

poisoned chalice - 

stick to - 

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