Episode 48: How To Study

Hello dear English Across The Pond People (Ponders!) and welcome to Episode 48 which is all about … how to study! Not only is this episode extremely useful for your language learning but we also have a guest on our show today; Jaime Miller from English Success Academy. So there are 3 native speakers chatting about their own experiences of studying as well as providing you with their very own language learning tips. We thought it was a really great podcast and we hope you like it toooo!


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Vocabulary: (read all of the definitions in the episode guide)

obsessed with - be constantly talking or worrying about something

unprecedented - never happened before

a bookworm -

nerd -

bland -

to regurgitate -

cursive -

therapeutic -

bite-sized - 

Language Focus: How To Study (full details in the episode guide!)

1 Flashcards
Create handwritten cards containing small amounts of information to help you organise and remember new vocab, pronunciation notes, etc.


English Expressions (read all of the definitions in the episode guide)

the beauty of hindsight - It's easy to know the right thing to do after something has happened

to throw someone under the bus - to sacrifice a friend or ally for selfish reasons

empty vessels - people who don’t know anything about a subject / topic (usually children)

leaps and bounds - rapid or fast progress

tech savvy - well informed about or proficient in the use of modern technology, especially computers

set the benchmark - to set an example

under our belts - achieved, completed

left field - a surprising or unconventional position or style

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