Episode 49: Humour

Hello & welcome to episode 49 which is all about … humour (UK) or humor (US). We are delighted to have a guest with us this week, Luke from Luke’s English podcast, and the 3 of us chat away happily about what makes us laugh. Find out all about stand up comedy and discover our comedy heroes. The language focus this week consists of comprehension questions based on the chat so make sure you pay attention! Happy Listening!

If you enjoyed listening to Luke then you can catch up with him & his podcast by clicking on the image below and visiting his website. We recommend it!


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Podcast Notes:

For more learning, including the full vocabulary list and definitions (from below), a more complete language focus explanation, and idiom example sentences, download this week's episode guide.

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Vocabulary: (see all the definitions in our episode guide!)

PC / Politically correct - someone who is politically correct believes that language and actions that could be offensive to others, especially those relating to sex and race, should be avoided

To sum up - give a brief summary

To be put on the spot - to cause someone embarrassment or difficulty by forcing them at that moment to answer a difficult question or make an important decision

Crack me up - when someone says something funny and you start laughing uncontrollably you say "YOU CRACK ME UP!"

Contagious - likely to spread to and affect others

Mic - short for microphone

Teeny - very small 

To dry up - to stop talking because you are very nervous

Bona fide - genuine; real

A pun - a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words which sound alike but have different meanings

Language Focus: Comprehension Questions & Answers (see them all in our episode guide!)

1 What makes Luke laugh? What does Luke find funny?

‘A really dumb, stupid idea but done in a very clever way. Or a very clever idea done in a really stupid way’ And human error

2 What 2 things did Jennifer say she finds funny?

Cats failing & her son.

3 How long has Luke been doing stand up?

4 What helped Luke to become a stand up comedian?

5 Would either Jennifer or Dan like to try stand up comedy?

6 what comedians did Jen, Luke and Dan say were their favourites.

7 Why is comedy so difficult to understand for a non-native speaker?

English Expressions (much more in our episode guide!)

Kick your shoes off, put your feet up - relax

Tickety-boo - to be fine, very well

To throw somebody under the bus - 

To sugar coat something - 

schadenfreude - 

Self-deprecating - 

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