Episode 5: Daily Routines


In today’s episode Dan and Jennifer talk about their daily routines and show you a variety of ways to talk about everyday actions. The episode will review adverbs of frequency as well as focusing on relevant vocabulary, idioms and expressions when talking about day-to-day life.

After this episode you will be able to successfully ask an English speaker about their routines utilizing diverse questions and interesting language. You have the chance to practice this new language by interacting with us on the blog and Facebook. See questions and ways to connect below!

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Podcast Notes:

For more learning, including definitions to the vocabulary below, a more complete language focus explanation, and idiom example sentences, download this week's episode guide.

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Vocabulary Sample:


half past (time):  

to wait up for someone:

to catch up (about something):


Language Focus - Grammar: Adverbs of Frequency

always, almost always, usually, sometimes, often, rarely, almost never, never

Adverbs of frequency talk about how often you do something. They are very often used when talking about daily routines.

download the episode guide for more information and examples

Language Focus: Idioms and English Expressions from the Conversation

an early bird: somebody who wakes up early

a night owl: somebody who goes to bed late

to snooze/to hit the snooze button: to sleep for extra time after the alarm when you click the button (the “snooze” button) to give your alarm an extra 10 minutes before it goes off again

to yank/pull someone’s chain: you jokingly lie (say something that isn’t true) to someone in a playful way

to be on the same page: to agree with someone, to have things in common, or to have similarities


Let’s Connect!

We want to hear from you!

Tell us about your daily routine, things you always, sometimes and never do.

Additionally you can answer the following questions:

Does your daily routine differ from Dan and Jennifer’s routine, or is yours the same? Try and describe what’s the same and what’s different to practice your English skills!

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