Episode 50: Small Talk

Say hello to episode 50! This week’s topic is something that we all do, just about every day - small talk! You’ll be finding out exactly what small talk is all about as well as learning a couple of techniques you can use to improve your informal chatting skills. In the language focus your hosts run through some examples to help you master the art of this important area of social interaction. We hope you enjoy the episode!

Podcast Notes:

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Inconsequential - not important or significant

To natter, to chit chat, to shoot the breeze - talk casually, especially on unimportant matters

To incorporate - include

To initiate - 

Siblings - 

Vaguely - 

Language Focus: Small Talk Techniques

Two techniques you can use to help improve your small talking skills;

1 The FORD Method

If you’re not sure what topics are suitable to bring up in a small talk situation then remember F O R D!

FORD is an acronym and the letters stand for;


Occupation (job)

Recreation (hobbies / free time)

Dreams (hopes / ambitions)

These four topics are considered safe and unlikely to cause the other person any anguish ... so now you’ll always have something to chat about - perfect!

2 The ARE Method

Read the second summary in the Episode Guide!

English Expressions: (see the full list & all the definitions in our episode guide!)

Oil the cogs - to make it easier for something to happen

To take the words out of somebody’s mouth - Anticipate what someone is about to say

To spark up a conversation -  

To tread on someone’s toes - 

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