Episode 52: Memories

Happy Birthday to us! This is our 52nd episode and so we are celebrating our first birthday this week - yay! We’re chatting about memories; some of our own personal ones as well as looking back at English Across The Pond over the past 12 months. The language focus is all about gerunds and infinitives so make sure you keep listening right until the end. Enjoy!

Vocabulary : (Get the full list in the free episode guide!)

to be off topic - not relevant to the current discussion

to digress - leave the main subject temporarily in speech or writing

weird - 

a caveat - 

Language Focus: Gerunds & Infinitives - Remember (see the full explanation in the free episode guide!)

Remember is a verb in English that can be followed by both the gerund and the infinitive. However, they have different meanings

Remember + Gerund

To talk about memories

‘I remember playing on my tractor’

English Expressions: get the full list in the free episode guide!)

to bust out (informal) - to take (something) from the place where it is stored so that it can be used

to spark something - trigger, begin, start

a trip down memory lane - 

to spring to mind - 

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