Episode 54: Secrets

Hey! Are you good at keeping a secret? This episode is a big secret so don’t tell anyone about it, okay?! :) Just kidding, the episode itself is not a secret, of course, but it is our topic for the this week. Find out about some of Jennifer and Dan’s secrets and whether or not they are good at keeping them. The language focus features lots of useful idioms and phrases connected to this week’s topic, so make sure you keep listening after the chat. Enjoy!

Vocabulary & English Expressions: (See the full list in our free episode guide!)

To confide in someone - tell someone about a secret or private matter while trusting them not to repeat it to others

Mum’s the word - (as a request or warning) say nothing; do not reveal a secret.

My lips are sealed -

To get something off your chest - 

Language Focus: Expressions with Keep (See the full list in our free episode guide!)

Keep someone in the dark - to not tell someone a secret / the information so they do not know what is happening

To keep something to oneself - to not share some information

To keep something under wraps - 

To keep something a secret - 

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