Episode 55: Questions & Answers

Hellooo and welcome to episode … 55! A few weeks ago we asked you to write to us with any questions you may have and lots of you did just that. In this week’s podcast we answer a lot of them and cover topics including how we first met, the different languages we (try to!) speak, British & American accents and travel plans. That’s a lot, right?! The language focus takes a closer look at the questions you asked. We hope you enjoy the episode :)

Vocabulary & English Expressions: (see the full list in our free episode guide!)

Humble beginnings - Having a low position in society in the early years or stage of one's life

To dust something down - to prepare something for use

A magic wand / A magic bullet - 

Mardy - 

Language Focus: Asking Questions (see the full list in our free episode guide!)

Here are the questions from today’s podcast. Can you use them in your English language conversations? More examples below each question to help you with ideas :)

Where and how did you meet?

Where did you go to school? How did you get there?

Do you speak any other languages?

What other languages do you speak?

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Which country would you most like to visit?

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