Episode 6: Weather and Small Talk


In this episode, Dan and Jenn will help you master the art of small talk in English! Today, we talk all about the weather and naturally teach you the different ways to ask about the weather, including common responses and language.

Additionally you’ll learn about the use of tag questions in grammar and a variety of new vocabulary and idioms!

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Podcast Notes:

For more learning, including definitions to the vocabulary below, a more complete language focus explanation, and idiom example sentences, download this week's episode guide.

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Vocabulary Sample:

time flies: 

breaking news: 

to break the news: 


to be golden:  

Language Focus - Small Talk and Tag Questions

It’s so important for improving your language skills because it helps you start conversations, and practice all skills related to English fluency.

The weather is a great topic because

  • it’s impersonal

  • it’s always changing

Tag questions help you start these conversations and demonstrate a high level of English fluency.

download the episode guide for more information and examples with TAG questions! 

Idioms and English Expressions

to go hand in hand: 2 topics/things are often talked about together, they’re related or are used similarly

to be on the edge of one’s seat: eagerly excited and anxious to hear, see, or watch something

to stand out: to be different than the group than a crowd, to be unique

in one’s neck of the woods: the area that you are in or live in


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