Episode 60: Stress

This week we are chatting about something we all have to deal with in one way or another - stress. Do you, dear listener, get stressed out a lot? What kind of things stress you out? How do you cope with stressful situations? These are the kind of questions that your podcast hosts, Dan & Jennifer, are talking about today. After the chat, the language focus is about another kind of stress - syllable stress, so stay tuned to learn more about that. We hope you enjoy this non stressful episode!

Vocabulary & English Expressions: (see the full list in our free episode guide!)

at the flick of a switch - immediately

adverse - difficult

to push your buttons / to get your goat - 

a pet peeve / a pet hate -

Language Focus: Syllable Stress (see the full list in our free episode guide!)

Countries With One Syllable

France, Greece, Laos & Spain

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