Episode 63: Dating


Ahhh... dating! Join us this week as we enter the world of meeting someone, getting butterflies, going on a date and starting a romantic relationship. Jennifer and Dan are sharing some of their dating stories as well as providing you with all the language you need to be able to talk about this fascinating topic.

After the conversation, this week’s language focus explores the phrasal verbs and expressions you need to help you communicate about romantic relationships with confidence. Enjoy!

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Vocabulary & English Expressions: (see the full list in our member's only study plan)

A blind date - a social engagement with a person one has not previously met, arranged with a view to the development of a romantic or sexual relationship

Speed dating -

A spark - a small amount of a quality or intense feeling

Her crowd -

Language Focus: Phrasal Verbs about Dating (see the full list & examples in our member's only study plan)

ask someone out: to invite someone to go on a date with you
Example: Tom finally asked Susan out because he had romantic feelings for her.

go out with someone:

Here is a summary of everything included in our 24 page study plan & transcript PDF

1 Listening Practice : Listening for a new English idiom

2 Gap Fill Exercise : Improve your listening & spelling ( writing )

3 Reading Practice : Check your gap fill exercise and follow along with the episode using the transcript

4 Vocabulary & Expressions : Expand your ability to use more English, like a native speaker!

5 Comprehension Questions & Answer Key : Double check your comprehension from the episode by answering the questions

6 Language Focus : Phrasal Verbs will help you sound more like a native, and we’ll help you learn them!

7 Writing : Improve your ability to express yourself + build your writing fluency with this week’s prompt

8 Full Transcript : Every word we say in the podcast, written down

9 Answer Key : Check your answers here :)

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