Episode 65: Driving


Beep beep! Honk honk! This week we are talking all about driving. Vroom! Do you drive? Do you like or would you like to drive? Have you got a need for speed or do you prefer to take it slow and steady? Are you calm behind the wheel or do you get angry with other drivers and get road rage? And, is your car messy or clean and tidy?! Your hosts Jennifer and Dan discuss all of the above plus lots more. And the language focus this week is all about some of the British & American vocabulary differences concerning driving. The lights are green so GO! & get listening :) 

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Vocabulary & English Expressions: (see the full list in our study guide)

facetious - treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humour; flippant

a tiff - a petty quarrel, especially one between friends or lovers

a back seat driver

to rile someone -

Language Focus: British & American English (see the full list in our study guide)

British English is first in the following pairs of words

bonnet - hood

boot - trunk

windscreen - windshield

tyre - tire

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