Episode 67: Breakups


Have you ever had your heart broken? Ever been dumped? It happens to just about all of us at one point or another and so this week we are talking all about breakups. Your hosts Dan (from the UK) & Jennifer (from the US) are chatting about breakups that they have been through, the reasons why so many people seem to split up and advice you can give to someone who is going through what is always a very tough time. Keep listening because after the chat Dan is going over some common expressions you can use when discussing this evergreen topic. We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Vocabulary & English Expressions: (see the full list in our study guide)

turn sour - become less pleasant; turn out badly

evolve - develop gradually

a fork in the road - a deciding moment in life when a major choice of options is required

to be crushed - to get hurt by a person

Language Focus: Expressions about breakups

To be on the rocks / to hit the rocks - a relationship is about to fail

To go / turn sour / bitter - become less pleasant; turn out badly

To dump / ditch someone - to end a relationship

To walk out - leave a relationship suddenly or angrily

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