Episode 7: Music Chat


Today we get into music and you’ll hear Jennifer and Dan talk about their music likes, how it affects their daily routines, as well as hear some of their music recommendations!

After listening to this episode, you’ll learn how to ask the same question in different ways with a common structure as well as new vocabulary, including phrasal verbs and idioms.

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Podcast Notes:

For more learning, including the full vocabulary list and definitions (from below), a more complete language focus explanation, and idiom example sentences, download this week's episode guide.

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Vocabulary Sample:


a taste in something: 

to be obsessed: 



Language Focus - How do you ask a similar question without repetition?

It’s very common in conversations for the 2 people involved to ask one another a similar question out of curiosity. However, can you imagine how boring then conversation would be if the same question and structure was used over and over?!

Review our conversation questions above and explore how to ask the same question in a different way…

  1. Using the phrase, “and what about you?”

  2. Using embedded questions

  3. Using imperatives


download the episode guide for more information and examples of these 3 ways

Phrasal Verbs

to pump (someone) up: to get someone excited about doing something

to get pumped up: to be excited about doing something

to keep up with: to continue to know the newest information about something

to check (something) out: to look at or review something that is attractive or appealing


to be into something: to really like something a lot

it doesn’t do it for me: it’s not something that interests me  (*Note: the verb “doesn’t do” can change based on time tenses, and the object pronoun “me” can change based on context)

to float your boat: to like or be interested in something

all over (something) like a rash: to give a lot of attention to


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