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Episode 37: Favorites!


In this week’s episode, we’re talking about favorites! Dan’s excited about his topic because we love talking about the things we love! We talk about some of our favorite foods, emojis, memories, photos, artists, and more!

We also give you a tip about spelling in the UK vs the US- did you know they were different? Finally, stay tuned to the end because we talk about adjectives and improving your vocabulary.

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Podcast Notes:

For more learning, including the full vocabulary list and definitions (from below), a more complete language focus explanation, and idiom example sentences, download this week's episode guide.

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Vocabulary Sample:

killing it

spelling bee: a spelling competition


ice creamist

garden [British English] = yard [American English]:



Language Focus: British English vs American English Spelling

-our  VS -or

favourite    favorite

colour     color

behaviour    behavior


When we talk about things we love and that we’re passionate about, we often use stronger adjectives. When we “stronger” adjectives, we mean adjectives that are more advanced than “nice” or “good”. It’s important for you to try and increase your vocabulary with adjectives to have more colorful language. This will connect people to what you’re saying in a stronger way.

How can you improve your adjective knowledge?

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English Expressions

to get something rolling

if it aint broke, don’t fix it

bring things up to date

to lose it

to come undone

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Episode 27: Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas time and Dan and Jennifer are sharing some of their favorite Christmas traditions, past experiences and memories, and Dan’s sharing some interesting information about his birthday and Boxing Day!

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, that’s OK! This episode will still be culturally educational for you, and help you with some conversation points this season.

Episode 26: Raising Kids

In today’s episode Dan and Jen look back in time and talk about their childhood as well as raising their own kids in the present time. We talk a lot about technology and how that influences a kid’s life, compared to a life full out adventures outdoors.Included in this episode is also some vocabulary differences between American and British English, several phrasal verbs, and helpful English expressions and idioms.

Episode 22: School Systems in The U.S. & U.K.

In today’s episode we’ll be reviewing some cultural differences between the U.S. and U.K. This episode was a request from a listener, and they wanted to hear about school systems in each of

our countries. Listen along as Jen and Dan describe the similarities and differences while you practice with a real conversation.

Additionally, you’ll hear some idioms and expressions used commonly in English to add to your vocabulary bank!

Episode 20: Bonfire Night in the UK

In today’s episode Dan and Jennifer talk about a special British holiday (celebratory day), Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night. Listen to Dan explain this night, popular in British culture, where it started and how it’s celebrated today!

You’ll also get even more listening practice with a comprehension check and dictation/transcription practice. This episode will help you understand some key differences in American and British English pronunciation, and check your ability to understand the two!

Episode 19: Halloween Traditions

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to talk about this holiday and its traditions and customs in the US and the UK! Today, hear Dan and Jennifer talk about how Halloween is celebrated, learn a little bit about the history, and ways that you can connect with the celebration, too!

You’ll get extra listening practice today with comprehension questions to check your understanding of the episode. Additionally, you’ll learn some phrasal verbs, idioms, and Halloween related vocabulary!

Episode 16: School Days, Did you play Hooky?

Get ready to massively increase your vocabulary skills in today’s episode! As Jennifer and Dan talk about their schooldays, they naturally use multiple phrasal verbs, idioms, and English expressions that you can learn to sound more like a native speaker.

You will learn how to talk about your past school experiences, different subjects, and common activities that happened in the US and the UK.

Episode 15: Coffee Talk - What you Need to Know at the Cafe

 In today’s episode we’ll teach you everything you need to know about a cup of joe (coffee) and the perfect English cuppa (cup of tea). We talk about drinks we like, ones we don’t, and common language you will hear and need in your local coffee shop. After this episode you will feel more confident ordering in an English speaking country, and you'll be more knowledgeable about this popular drink!

Episode 14: Fall and Autumn, What's the difference?

In today’s episode, Dan and Jennifer talk about the weather cooling down and the season changes. You’ll hear them use the words fall and autumn, which is a common difference among American and British English. Additionally, you’ll hear them talk about how the season is different in Dan’s coastal city, and Jen’s desert city.

This episode will give you a fun way to build your fluency too. Listen while Jen and Dan play a game that will help you increase your vocabulary skills and learn even more idioms and expressions by the end of the conversation!

Episode 11: The Internet & How it's Changed

In today’s episode Dan and Jennifer take a walk down memory lane as they discuss the Internet, how it was, and how it has changed. In addition to talking about how the Internet is useful, we’ll give several websites and resources you can use to start improving your language skills!

You will also learn about some differences in American and British English pronunciation to help you speak and understand better, as well as helpful idioms and expressions.

Episode 10: Holidays and Vacations

In today’s episode you’ll travel with Jennifer and Dan as they talk about some of their favorite holiday/vacation experiences. You’ll learn about trips they took as children, what’s on their bucket list for the future, and some of the most memorable experiences.

You’ll also learn a bit more about glamping, how to use “go + gerund” to talk about activities, and some common differences in British and American English vocabulary.

Episode 8: Home Sweet Home

In this episode you are taking a step inside our homes! We’re talking all about where we live and giving important language for anyone who may move abroad and live in the US or the UK.

Learn about the ways to talk about and describe your home, ask questions, and about very interesting differences between American and British English. We give several words that are different, and explain some idioms, too!