british english

Episode 26: Raising Kids

In today’s episode Dan and Jen look back in time and talk about their childhood as well as raising their own kids in the present time. We talk a lot about technology and how that influences a kid’s life, compared to a life full out adventures outdoors.Included in this episode is also some vocabulary differences between American and British English, several phrasal verbs, and helpful English expressions and idioms.

Episode 10: Holidays and Vacations

In today’s episode you’ll travel with Jennifer and Dan as they talk about some of their favorite holiday/vacation experiences. You’ll learn about trips they took as children, what’s on their bucket list for the future, and some of the most memorable experiences.

You’ll also learn a bit more about glamping, how to use “go + gerund” to talk about activities, and some common differences in British and American English vocabulary.

Episode 8: Home Sweet Home

In this episode you are taking a step inside our homes! We’re talking all about where we live and giving important language for anyone who may move abroad and live in the US or the UK.

Learn about the ways to talk about and describe your home, ask questions, and about very interesting differences between American and British English. We give several words that are different, and explain some idioms, too!