Episode 10: Holidays and Vacations

In today’s episode you’ll travel with Jennifer and Dan as they talk about some of their favorite holiday/vacation experiences. You’ll learn about trips they took as children, what’s on their bucket list for the future, and some of the most memorable experiences.

You’ll also learn a bit more about glamping, how to use “go + gerund” to talk about activities, and some common differences in British and American English vocabulary.

Episode 6: Weather and Small Talk

In this episode, Dan and Jenn will help you master the art of small talk in English! Today, we talk all about the weather and naturally teach you the different ways to ask about the weather, including common responses and language.

Additionally you’ll learn about the use of tag questions in grammar and a variety of new vocabulary and idioms!

Episode 5: Daily Routines

In today’s episode Dan and Jennifer talk about their daily routines and show you a variety of ways to talk about everyday actions. The episode will review adverbs of frequency as well as focusing on relevant vocabulary, idioms and expressions when talking about day-to-day life.

After this episode you will be able to successfully ask an English speaker about their routines utilizing diverse questions and interesting language. You have the chance to practice this new language by interacting with us on the blog and Facebook. See questions and ways to connect below!

Episode 4: Work and Conditionals

In today’s episode Dan and Jennifer talk about work, past jobs, and dream about possibilities with the 2nd conditional. You will hear common questions for small talk about work, expand your vocabulary with new words and expressions, and review the conditional tense.

We'd love to hear from you about your work. So practice your English by commenting below!