Episode 28: New Year

Jennifer and Dan are wrapping up 2016 talking all about resolutions, New Year’s traditions, and getting motivated for the new year. In this episode you’ll hear some typical activities that happen on New Year’s Eve, including some interesting stories from our childhood.

The episode is also full of vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and idioms for you to review. Get the information you need to start conversations about the new year and be motivated to take your skills to the next level!

Episode 27: Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas time and Dan and Jennifer are sharing some of their favorite Christmas traditions, past experiences and memories, and Dan’s sharing some interesting information about his birthday and Boxing Day!

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, that’s OK! This episode will still be culturally educational for you, and help you with some conversation points this season.

Episode 19: Halloween Traditions

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to talk about this holiday and its traditions and customs in the US and the UK! Today, hear Dan and Jennifer talk about how Halloween is celebrated, learn a little bit about the history, and ways that you can connect with the celebration, too!

You’ll get extra listening practice today with comprehension questions to check your understanding of the episode. Additionally, you’ll learn some phrasal verbs, idioms, and Halloween related vocabulary!

Episode 10: Holidays and Vacations

In today’s episode you’ll travel with Jennifer and Dan as they talk about some of their favorite holiday/vacation experiences. You’ll learn about trips they took as children, what’s on their bucket list for the future, and some of the most memorable experiences.

You’ll also learn a bit more about glamping, how to use “go + gerund” to talk about activities, and some common differences in British and American English vocabulary.