listening comprehension

Episode 32: How to Improve your Listening

How can you improve your English listening skills? How can you improve your understanding of native speakers, coworkers, TV shows or movies? This week we are helping you improve your listening by giving you ways to practice! In this episode, we’ll give 5 ways to improve your listening, with actions you can take TODAY!
You’ll get a sample learning plan for the week and of course vocabulary, idioms, and a lot of useful language to improve your English fluency.

Episode 20: Bonfire Night in the UK

In today’s episode Dan and Jennifer talk about a special British holiday (celebratory day), Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night. Listen to Dan explain this night, popular in British culture, where it started and how it’s celebrated today!

You’ll also get even more listening practice with a comprehension check and dictation/transcription practice. This episode will help you understand some key differences in American and British English pronunciation, and check your ability to understand the two!

Episode 19: Halloween Traditions

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to talk about this holiday and its traditions and customs in the US and the UK! Today, hear Dan and Jennifer talk about how Halloween is celebrated, learn a little bit about the history, and ways that you can connect with the celebration, too!

You’ll get extra listening practice today with comprehension questions to check your understanding of the episode. Additionally, you’ll learn some phrasal verbs, idioms, and Halloween related vocabulary!