new year's

Episode 29: Changes

Welcome to a new year! In this episode, we talk all about “ch ch ch changes…” (David Bowie anyone?) Changes can be scary; however, they can be a great thing and we share our opinions about it all.

We also share with you exciting new information about our website, new learning opportunities, and ways to learn even more with English Across the Pond. This episode is FULL of new idioms, expressions, and phrases too - so don’t miss the extra special language focus.

Episode 28: New Year

Jennifer and Dan are wrapping up 2016 talking all about resolutions, New Year’s traditions, and getting motivated for the new year. In this episode you’ll hear some typical activities that happen on New Year’s Eve, including some interesting stories from our childhood.

The episode is also full of vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and idioms for you to review. Get the information you need to start conversations about the new year and be motivated to take your skills to the next level!