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Episode 30: Top 5 Things to Do in the US and UK

Do you want to travel to The United States or England? Do you have a trip planned and you need some ideas of what to see or where to go? Then this episode has you covered! Listen as we talk about our top 3 places to visit in each of our countries, giving you the top 6 places to visit in the US and UK.

The episode guide gives you more information and direct links for each of the places, so be sure to check them out. As always, you’ll get related idioms, phrasal verbs, and vocabulary too!

Episode 25: Top 5 Ways to Practice English

In today’s episode we give you the secrets to success for self-study! We know that not everyone can study with a teacher, or be with a teacher all the time, so we give you our top 5 tips for effective self-study. This is great to supplement your current study routine, or for teachers to provide additional learning opportunities!

The language focus will go into more detail, giving you sample roadmaps for success, and other ideas. Of course, you’ll also get loads of vocabulary and idioms, too!

Episode 21: Top 5 Websites to Practice English

In today’s episode, you’ll get some helpful recommendations about websites to learn, practice, and review English. Dan and Jen share some of their favorite websites, 5 of them to be exact, and tell you HOW you can use them to improve your skills. The sites are perfect for students, teachers, and anyone with a love of English!

And of course, don’t forget to listen to the language focus, helping you learn and use common English idioms and expressions to add to your daily conversational use.