ways to express

Episode 13: Birthdays - Let's Celebrate!

Celebrate Jennifer’s birthday is today’s episode! Birthdays are an exciting time, so listen and learn as Jennifer and Dan talk about their birthdays, what they like to do, and about past presents. You’ll review various ways to ask similar questions to maintain a conversation, as well as discover a fun fact about Dan’s birthday!

This episode will also teach you how to talk about age in English, as well as interesting idioms, phrasal verbs, and common expressions to increase your fluency.

Episode 12: Scaredy Cat! Fears & Phobias

Don’t get too scared with today’s episode because we’re talking about fears and phobias! Jennifer starts out with a story that could make your skin crawl, and we both talk about common fears, including speaking a new language! We give advice to help you get over your fear of speaking English with some helpful tips, too! This episode is packed (*full*) of idioms, so increase your fluency with native expressions, and other useful vocabulary.