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Every week you receive a study plan for our podcast conversation with -

  • your weekly language goal

    • end every week with progress you can measure and see

  • vocabulary on our new everyday English topic/theme

    • all of the key vocabulary with definitions to help you have your own conversations

  • listening exercises

    • a vocabulary based listening and a gap-fill exercise to check your comprehension

  • comprehension questions

    • 10 questions based on the podcast to improve listening, reading, and check understanding

  • a grammar focus

    • grammar from the podcast explained with examples

  • a transcript

    • every word we say in the podcast written down

  • the answers!

    • check your work and understanding when you have finished the week's exercises

+ real feedback from us, Dan and Jennifer

and finally, you can end the lesson every week by actually using the language you've been reviewing...

  • a speaking task

    • answer a weekly speaking question to receive real feedback from us on what you need to improve

  • a writing task

    • answer a weekly question to continue practicing and receive real feedback from us on what you need to improve

‘I love the transcripts; they give me so many options. to practice the language. When I prepared for TOEFL, I used these episodes. I was improving my listening comprehension, reading, my pronunciation..’
— Viktoriya, Russia

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‘Language learning is really fun with you guys.’
— Nairoza, Sri Lanka

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I sign up for membership if I can learn English online for free?

    • It's difficult to know what you need to study to achieve fluency and it's impossible to improve your weaknesses without feedback. We are experienced teachers (over 30 years) that create a weekly lesson plans to practice all of your skills + give you personalized feedback on writing and speaking. You'll get a complete lesson with an everyday English topic that includes vocabulary, listening, reading, writing, spelling, grammar, speaking, and pronunciation practice that is all available in your inbox every week. You won't waste time looking for materials to study or waste time studying random things. This structure, experience, and complete English experience is not available online for free - but you can get it here for only $19.99 :)

  • When I sign up, what will I receive?

    • You will receive this week's week's lesson immediately in your inbox. You will continue to receive a new lesson every week, on Thursday around 6:00am (PST-Los Angeles).

  • Is membership free?  

    • Our podcast episode is free online every Friday but membership is not free! These extra training materials (the transcripts and the study plans take a lot of time and effort and cost USD$19.99 every month.

  • What if I don't like them, can I cancel?  

    • You can cancel your membership anytime.

  • Will I get a refund?

    • If you don't like membership, you can cancel within the first 7 days and we will get you a full refund

    • Note: Study Plans & Transcripts that are purchased as a single episode or in a bundle/package are not eligible for a refund. Because these materials are digital downloads, once they are paid for and received, they cannot be refunded. Please read the product descriptions carefully to avoid confusions.

  • What level of English is this for?

    • These materials will help all levels of English, but we recommend you should be around B1 or above to get the full benefit of our lessons

  • I am an English teacher: How can I use these materials?

    • These materials will help supplement your classroom practice and homework. You can download these materials and use them with your students for additional practice using our episode themes. If you want your students to have access to the plans, please contact us for licensing agreements.

  • If we haven't answered your question here, click below to get in touch.

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