Meet your teachers!

We are two teachers, Dan (from England) and Jennifer (from the US) and together we have over 30 years of English language teaching. We believe that English Across The Pond provides you with everything you need to 'improve your English ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿคจ' and if you keep reading we'll tell you why!

Why English Across The Pond?

โ‰ A Complete Experience

Our complete English experience gives learners everything needed to advance their general English skills, conversation use, overall fluency, and confidence.

โ—Ž Weekly

Every week we introduce a new lesson based on a common everyday topic. This topic will help our students prepare for life in an English speaking country and/or proficiency exam.

โž” Exam Friendly

Our lessons begin with ___ (vocabulary?) a podcast episode, introducing the language naturally with a real conversation. Our students then review their study plan and materials to begin practicing with vocabulary, listening, reading, speaking, writing exercises and more. Our resources give real speaking practice, feedback from a teacher and the opportunity to get writing checked and edited.

Our complete English experience helps learners improve their confidence and skills by giving real topics and the language needed to use them in real life.



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