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  1. When I sign up, what will I receive?  -- you will receive the current week's episode transcript & study plan with 7 practice exercises to improve your fluency.
  2. What is a transcript?  -- a transcript is the written text of everything we say in the episode. Transcripts are like subtitles for our podcast! They will help you improve your listening and reading skills, as well as practice vocabulary.
  3. What is the study plan?  -- the study plan includes 7 English training exercises to help you improve your fluency. You will get practice with listening, reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, and tips to improve your speaking!
  4. Is membership free?  -- our podcast episode is free online every Friday but membership is not free! These extra training materials (the transcripts and the study plans take a lot of time and work - they are sent weekly and cost USD$14.99 every month.
  5. What if I don't like them, can I cancel?  -- you can cancel your membership anytime!
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  7. What level of English is this for? -- These materials will help all levels of English!
  8. I am not an English student - I am an English teacher: How can I use these materials? -- These materials will help supplement your classroom practice and homework. You can download these materials and use them with your students for additional practice using our episode themes!