The Podcast

The English Across The Pond Podcast is a radio show for English learners who want to take their language skills to the next level.

Every Friday we publish a new conversation featuring Jennifer (the US) & Dan (England) that is fun, entertaining and packed full of exactly the kind of English you need to succeed. Each episode also features a language focus where we take a closer look at some of the key words and phrases covered in the week's show. Features include a grammar review, keywords and phrases, British & American culture, phrasal verbs & idioms and pronunciation . 

You can listen to our podcast here:

Your Hosts

The English Across the Pond team!

The English Across the Pond team!

Dan & Jennifer met on Instagram in early 2016. They soon realised that they shared a passion for teaching  in a fun and engaging way and started working together soon after. Don't tell anyone but they have never met in real life but get together weekly on Skype to record podcasts, plan ahead and laugh about silly stuff :)

Their joint goal is to help students to learn and teachers to teach English in a way that is fun, engaging & effective.

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