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English Outside The Box

Jennifer's home on the Internet! Join Jen's Phrasal Verb Conversation Club, enroll in a self-study course, or read her blog for free English lessons to review on your own. Don't forget to learn daily with her on Instagram and weekly on YouTube!

Better English

Better English is where Dan hangs out on the Internet. It's an Instagram account and basically involves Dan teaching English, being silly and wearing different hats. Lots of hats. You should check it out :) 

We Recommend



The website One Stop English has a phonetic guide to all the individual sounds of both British & American English. Pretty neat, right? Click on the image to the right for a guide to all of the individual sounds of British English.


And click on the image on the left for a guide to all the individual sounds in American English.



Real life stories in American English - Story Corps

Story Corps is an amazing resource for improving your listening skills. All the stories you find are from native speakers (so the English is authentic) & there are some fabulous animations with the transcript to help you listen along if you need some support. 10/10!

From the home page click on stories and get listening. 


Real life stories in British English - The Listening Project

This website is a British version of Story Corps and it works in the same way. There are over 1,000 authentic British English conversations to choose from here so you should be able to find something that interest you! Happy listening!


The British newspaper The Guardian has a number of weekly features to help you practice your reading skills. These articles are useful because they are not too long so you can easily read them when you have some free time. And (we think) they are really interesting, too. Try some of the following and hopefully you'll find a weekly feature you like.

1 A Moment That Changed Me

People write about a significant moment in their lives.

2 Experience

People share their unique experiences.

3 The Long Read

Really interesting, but be warned. They. are. long. :)


Lyrics Training

Enjoy learning languages for free playing music videos and filling in the lyrics of your favorite songs.



Analyze My Writing

Paste your text into Analyze My Writing and it will generate a ton of information about what you have written. Analyze My Writing will give you a break-down of the readability of your writing according to 5 different criteria. Wow!

For more information about how to get the most out of the links above, listen to this podcast!