Below you will find Unit 1 of our American & British English course.

The course will be available in full (8 huge units!) later in the year but we thought we'd give you, our dear subscriber a sneak peek and the chance to learn more about these 2 different versions of the same language.

For free! So here is unit 1.

We hope you enjoy it!

Introduction to Unit 1

Hello & welcome! 

We’re kicking off this course with vocabulary as it’s an area where you’ll definitely want a strong and clear understanding.

You’re probably already aware that there are vocabulary differences between British & American English and may even know some of them.

Can you think of 5? 10 maybe?!

What we have done for you here is to select the 100 most important words you will need.

For the first time an American & British English teacher have sat down together and picked out what they consider to be the essential vocabulary pairs.

So here are our top 100 words, just for you!

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Unit 1Part 1 (4).png
Unit 1Part 1 (5).png



That's the end of Unit 1 of our British & American English course which focuses on Vocabulary. Other unites include grammar, pronunciation, culture, etc. So, what do you think? Did you enjoy it? Do you think you have a better understanding of the different vocabulary used in British & American English now? We'd love to hear your thoughts so head over to the forum and let us know what you think :)